Motivational Maps 

Why might we be interested in motivation?

  • We spend so much of our lives working and deserve to feel happy, fulfilled and motivated
  • Performance in any organisation depends on having the right direction, appropriate skills/knowledge and MOTIVATION. It’s a huge part of what’s required to achieve business success.
  • Lack of motivation can lead to high levels of absence, presenteeism, loss of highly skilled staff, increased recruitment costs, conflict, employee relations issues…and the associated costs of all these.

What exactly is Motivation?

  • We can often see when it’s there – active engagement, eyes lit up, positive expressions
  • We can often hear it – excited voices, laughter, a “buzz” around the place, or observe the silence allowing for total focus and concentration
  • We can often feel it – the “vibes”, atmosphere of anticipation, places feel “alive” and full of energy

What motivates us often changes as we progress through our working lives, and often due to our circumstances.  We often know when motivation is missing, however, describing it can be difficult.

However, can we actually put our finger on what MOTIVATION IS?

Knowledge about motivation has moved on and as a result of this we can:


  • Understand what motivates people at work
  • Describe what motivates them
  • Measure what motivates them
  • Maximise their level of motivation

How is this achieved?

The Motivational Map®, an on-line diagnostic tool, which provides an accurate 15-page report which is used to help people understand their own core motivational drivers, of which they may not be consciously aware. From this report a line manager or leader can know exactly what motivates individuals in an organisation and this can be used to great effect to maximise levels of motivation.  The benefits of which are staff retention, boosting team performance, improvements in performance and profitability, and recruiting the right staff to complement existing teams.

What is the difference between a Personality Test and a
Motivational Map?

Personality tests deal with traits and types, which are relatively fixed and stable.  They provide a snapshot of who you are. The Motivational Map is a self-perception inventory, and deals with states, which are changing and dynamic.  They give a video of where your energy is flowing.

In-house HR professionals, coaches, trainers, consultants – train with me and add Motivational Maps to your coaching toolkit.  

If you would like to know more about how you can make a difference to your clients or in-house teams, and /or add a new dimension to your business by becoming a Licensed Practitioner please get in touch. The training can be completed in-person (two days), or via on-line modules at a time and pace to suit you.

1. Career Fulfilment

When we are happy, fulfilled and motivated at work we tend to take those feelings home with us. 

The benefits of being in the right job go well beyond our working day.  Relationships at home, quality of life and self-esteem are all enhanced. 

2. Recruitment & Selection

There are no good or bad, right or wrong motivators in themselves, however “fitness for purpose” is very important and an analysis of the job role and an understanding of the candidate’s motivational drivers gives us an improved predictor of success (when added to other essential information about skills/knowledge of course).

3. Communication & Retention

Imagine if you could know precisely what motivates each of your key staff about their work? When we know exactly what motivates them, leaders and colleagues can learn to relate to each other in ways that would tend to enhance motivation and not diminish it or fuel unhealthy conflict. Retention would be much easier to achieve.

4. Reward & What’s Important

What if you could know what motivates each of the members of your Sales Team, Management team, or Finance team about their work.  Being armed with that quality information, targeted incentive and reward strategies (in the broadest sense of the term) could be developed leading to their enhanced motivation.  

What if you could have greater awareness of your own and your teams’ core motivators?

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