1:1 coaching, employment advice and leadership development to create a winning workplace

What is a “Winning Workplace”?

It’s a great place to work, where organisational purpose and goals are achieved through engaged, motivated and high performing individuals and teams – a “win-win”.  Everyone thrives!

Of course, a workplace for entrepreneurs and freelancers may be their home office without colleagues for company.  Personal motivation and performance are equally important in this context.

With a supportive manner and style, I offer a tailored range of services and solutions to achieve a winning workplace, in the form of 1:1 coaching and mentoring, employment and HR advice, and leadership development.


Motivational Maps

Motivational Maps identify what’s most (and least) important to us at work, our work values, and measure satisfaction levels.

Maps are available for individuals, teams, and the whole organization

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1:1 Coaching services

Gain a new perspective on work, develop your confidence and self-belief, reduce overwhelm, explore new challenges, increase self-awareness, or simply focus on your own personal development and career fulfilment.

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Hi, I’m Joy Bemrose

I help people to find their best self

Back in 2014, I was at a career crossroad, struggling to decide whether to go back into an in-house HR role or start my own HR consultancy business. Both appealed for distinct reasons.  In-house felt like the safer option – more secure with a regular income; yet consultancy would be new and provide more freedom but felt scary!

I had an opportunity to complete a Motivational Map and the result initially surprised me yet helped me make the right decision!   I discovered that freedom and autonomy was my strongest motivational driver (Spirit) and thus energises me.  I took the plunge and launched my business. 

The impact of the Map, my love of learning and need to make a difference and add value to my clients (individuals and organisations) led me to become a Motivational Map practitioner.  Now, as a Business Practitioner I train, mentor and support others who wish to use the Maps tool.

The discovery of this versatile tool which benefits all stages of the employment “life-cycle” including recruitment, career development, appraisal, coaching, reward, conflict management and team building complements my extensive background and experience in senior HR roles within a variety of organisations.  These include local authorities, large multi-nationals such as Philips Electronics and Thermo Electron Corporation, SMEs and Cambridge (UK) based high-tech and scientific start-ups.

Recent projects include:

  • Working with teams to improve employee engagement, performance, retention by identifying individuals’ core motivational drivers using Motivational Maps® and creating a positive employment experience
  • 1: 1 Coaching for individuals and leaders
    • to support career change, confidence building and addressing limiting beliefs
    • to facilitate effective working relationships, employee wellbeing, and performance management conversations

A Chartered Fellow of the Institute of Personnel and Development, I am also a Licensed Business Practitioner of Motivational Maps®, an NLP Master Practitioner and am currently completing an ILM Level 7 qualification in Senior and Executive Coaching.

“…positively influence situations & produce more effective communication

“Having worked as a line manager for many years I was aware that motivating staff is a critical skill, however what was not so apparent to me was that my own motivations in the workplace could be such an influence on my peers on a daily basis; understanding my profile better enabled me to consciously adapt my communication style with colleagues whose motivations may be quite different from mine. I was able to put these into practice rapidly and was very impressed with how I could positively influence situations and produce more effective communication.”

Sarah – Global QA Manager

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